The Queens Theatre

Location: Adelaide

The Queen's Theatre, built in 1840, is a unique and versatile venue located in Adelaide CBD. The main theatre area offers a customisable bare-walls space, allowing for flexible stage setups and arrangements to suit various performances and events. The smaller stables portion of the theatre serves a dual purpose as both a plush and eclectic lounge and a captivating performance space. This multifunctional area can be transformed into a welcoming foyer for socialising and relaxing during intermissions, as well as a dynamic space for intimate performances. The Queen's Theatre's adaptability and distinctive atmosphere make it a highly desirable destination for the arts and entertainment in Adelaide, catering to diverse artistic expressions and creating memorable experiences for both performers and audiences.
Note: Parking is directly across the road at the K Park, 20 Playhouse Lane. Flat rate of $5 per day after 4pm and all weekend.

Venue Details
Address: 21 Playhouse Lne, Adelaide
South Australia

Contact Details
Telephone: 0428552203


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