Boxing Club ‘TRACTOR’

Location: Adelaide

The Boxing Club "TRACTOR" comes with no bells or whistles, but all the charm of a classic neighbourhood boxing gym. Step into the club and be welcomed into the heart of Hendon's community. The boxing club tractor invites you to experience their first ever live music series "IN THE RING", curated by Home Body Records. In this live recorded series, Kaurna-based artists will transform the ring of "TRACTOR" into a vibrant performance space using colour, light and sound. This is a completely unique live performance experience, not to be missed.
Note: This venue is directly across from the Hendon Hotel. Please use the parking provided by the Hendon Hotel for this event. Please avoid parking in the side streets surrounding the Boxing Club "TRACTOR".

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Address: 87 Tapleys Hill Rd, Hendon SA 5014

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