Suburban Sounds with Gene Phoa

The Suburban Brew Brewery & Taproom

An afternoon of Acoustic music at The Suburban Brew's Brewery & Taproom in Glynde. 
Armed with a luminous voice and a slew of ballads and anthems, Gene Phoa is an Adelaide-born yet globally-bred indie/alternative rock artist. Drawing inspiration from guitar-driven music across the ages - from The Beatles to the Arctic Monkeys to the Middle Kids - Gene shares his songs inspired by love, loss and self-discovery, alongside modern and vintage classics with a style that's overtly fresh yet pleasantly familiar.

This is one of the monthly live music events held at The Suburban Brew's Brewery & Taproom, under the banner Suburban Sounds, where we engage with local artists and invite them to perform; bringing their unique sound to the East End.

Performance Details
Date: November 18, 2023
Genre: Multi genre
Duration: 180 mins
Ages: Licensed all ages

Price: FREE


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