Live Music At Big Easy Radio

Big Easy Radio

Original Fridays: Free before 6pm, $10 after 6pm, music kicks off around 7pm. Except Nov 24, which features the legendary Kingswood and is ticketed!

Big Easy Radio has become a must play venue for local and touring musicians. We have created a unique space for original and emerging artists to express themselves and develop their craft to a consistent crowd of appreciative visitors.

Since our inception we have supported and promoted musicians who create original music. We have given them the space and confidence to be themselves and to express themselves.

Friday nights are all about original and emerging musicians. We do not host or promote cover bands that sing other peoples songs; rather we are all about originality.

From jazz to soul, reggae to rock, we embrace and encourage artists to be themselves and to express their art.

Performance Details
Date: November 3, 2023
Genre: Multi genre
Duration: 240 mins
Ages: 18yrs+

Price: $10


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