Little Georgia

Cooee Arthouse


Little Georgia are taking it back to their roots for the Duo Tour this Spring.

After a successful run of band shows and festival appearances in support of their latest single Dressed In Gold, Ash Mannix and Justin Carter will treat their Aldinga audience to an intimate duo performance at the Cooee Arthouse.

Reminiscent of their early days as an acoustic duo, Little Georgia will perform a mix of old crowd favourites like California and Emily, as well as an exciting selection of new music.

Little Georgia’s explosive live performances take you on a trip through time with their unapologetic sonic exploration that could see you moving your hips like go-go dancers at a Aretha Franklin concert or head bangin’ as if you were at a Neil Young & Crazy Horse gig.

The raw energy between collaborators Justin Carter and Ashleigh Mannix draws you into their live performances and encapsulates the honesty in their song craft. Whether it’s accompanying gentle acoustic folk songs or crazed out electric jams, their distinctive vocal harmonies tie their melting pot of influences together, creating a sound that is unique to Little Georgia.

Performance Details
Date: November 4, 2023
Genre: Folk
Duration: 150 mins
Ages: 18yrs+

Price: $33


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