Crown & Anchor

Catch GBH on at the Cranker on Wednesday 22nd November!
For over four decades, GBH has forged a lasting legacy, standing the test of time far longer than your typical fleeting, radio-friendly rock acts. Their enduring journey is a testament to the unwavering purity of their sound and vision.
The unmistakable GBH logo has been a staple among the likes of gutter punks, hardcore enthusiasts, and subcultural rebels, adorning the backs of leather jackets, denim vests, and tattered t-shirts. This November, Australia is in for a powerful reminder of why GBH's significance endures.
Wed 22nd Nov: Crown & Anchor, Adelaide w/ PERDITION & CULL

Performance Details
Date: November 22, 2023
Genre: Punk
Duration: 300 mins
Ages: 18yrs+

Price: $66.30


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