Ezra Collective | Burnside Ballroom | Porch Records Presents

Burnside Ballroom

presented by Porch Records,
Astral People & Handsome Tours.

on Kaurna Country.

we bring to you a real special one.


at a dream space,

the 1950's ballroom,
The Burnside Ballroom.
the most breathtaking space you ever did see.

a stacked line up of incredible
music, food and booze.

doors from 7pm

headlining this majestic show
is the one and only, UK's - EZRA COLLECTIVE

celebrating the release of their album, Where I'm Meant To Be,
They're coming all the way down to Sunny Australia,
big festivals & big venues across the country,
and naturally, to a ballroom in Adelaide, on Kaurna Country. Let's go.

Ezra Collective’s new era, a venture in discovered maturity and raised stakes, will be defined by the anticipated second album. Where I’m Meant To Be is a thumping celebration of life, an affirming elevation in the Ezra Collective’s winding hybrid sound and refined collective character. The songs marry cool confidence with bright energy. Full of call-and-response conversations between their ensemble parts, a natural product of years improvising together on-stage, the album - which also features Sampa The Great, Kojey Radical, Emile Sande and Nao - will light up sweaty dance floors and soundtrack summer dinners in equal measure.

Performance Details
Date: November 19, 2023
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 270 mins
Ages: Licensed all ages

Price: $75


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